Burberry to launch phone handset?


It appears that Burberry will be launching a handset, following a promotional image leaked from a factory in China. The handset appears to be of clamshell design and features the iconic burberry design.

Specs are unknown at this point, though you wouldn’t expect the bPhone to be high-end. I’d guess a 2MP camera, bluetooth, and T9 text input, as well as a couple of hundred MB of onboard storage. No release date for now.

Will Christian Dior be joining the hordes of fashion labels, and produce a mobile phone?


You’re not a proper fashion designer unless you’ve tried your hand at designing a mobile phone (see: Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana, LG and Prada, Samsung and Armani amongst others), and considering Dior is one of those labels even your accountant has heard of, it’s surprising we’re only hearing about a possible product launch this year.

The above blingtastic handset has been shown over at Engadget Mobile, although little else is known about it. Swarovski crystals are a go-go, however, according to the photo, as well as its own…remote control….

Alcatel partner with Mandarina Duck to bring you 2007's 23,671st fashion mobile

mandarina-duck_alcatel_phone.jpgThese mobile phones look good enough to eat, but trust me, I wouldn’t suggest that. Have a Krispy Kreme instead, it’s Friday, after all. I know the whole of Shiny Towers are using that excuse currently!

Alcatel has partnered up with the handbags and accessories label, Mandarina Duck, and have a gorgeous new phone, available in three colours as you can see – Cherry Red, Lilac and Green. Delicious.