SizeGenie launches body measurement tool on Kickstarter


How many times have you ordered clothes online, only to send them back a few days later because they just don’t fit?

SizeGenie aims to put an end to this frustration. It’s a clever infrared camera based on a medical grade body scanner that hooks up to your desktop computer via USB.

Just position the device on the edge of the desk, run the software and step back until your body appears in the outline on the screen. After moving your body as instructed, SizeGenie will then record your precise body measurements (waist, wrist, hips etc.) and give this data to you.

Rather cleverly, the product’s software will store many brand sizes and their measurements in inches and centimetres and compares them with yours so you know exactly what’s going to fit and what’s too large or too small before you order it. For example, just because you’re a Size 10 in Top Shop doesn’t mean you are going to be a size 10 in Armani!

So how do you get hold of the Size Genie? Initially it will only be available via the company’s Kickstarter page. October 13 sees the start of the Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to help fund mass production of the device. Pledges start at just $29 for the individual product through to $2000 for a full retailer integration kit and 30 devices – handy for those with their own e-commerce fashion stores. The product is then expected to go on sale next year.

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