Will Christian Dior be joining the hordes of fashion labels, and produce a mobile phone?


You’re not a proper fashion designer unless you’ve tried your hand at designing a mobile phone (see: Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana, LG and Prada, Samsung and Armani amongst others), and considering Dior is one of those labels even your accountant has heard of, it’s surprising we’re only hearing about a possible product launch this year.

The above blingtastic handset has been shown over at Engadget Mobile, although little else is known about it. Swarovski crystals are a go-go, however, according to the photo, as well as its own…remote control….

Alcatel partner with Mandarina Duck to bring you 2007's 23,671st fashion mobile

mandarina-duck_alcatel_phone.jpgThese mobile phones look good enough to eat, but trust me, I wouldn’t suggest that. Have a Krispy Kreme instead, it’s Friday, after all. I know the whole of Shiny Towers are using that excuse currently!

Alcatel has partnered up with the handbags and accessories label, Mandarina Duck, and have a gorgeous new phone, available in three colours as you can see – Cherry Red, Lilac and Green. Delicious.


Proof that money can't buy you fashion sense, Brandish looks at rich geeks' fashion don'ts

Any excuse for a photo of Bill Gates to appear on these pages, phwroar! But there’s a reason, and it’s not a pretty sight. Yup, Ben over at Brandish, our mens’ fashion site, has done a top five of the worst dressed rich geeks this planet (un)fortunately has, and believe me, it’s a nasty sight.

Featuring Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and that other porky Steve from Apple that looks like your lechy uncle, Ben’s top five is a hilarious run-through of their fashion don’ts…

Giles Deacon for Intel Asus W5 limited edition laptops

Fancy our fashionably-attired sisters over at Catwalk Queen, getting the scoop on a new laptop range from Intel before us! Alright, so they have been designed by legendary fashion designer Giles Deacon, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting in a strop that they found out before us.

I might’ve said yesterday that I would never own a fashion mobile phone, like the new possible Samsung/Armani collaboration, but I think I’ll have to swallow my words already, less than 24 hours later, as I’d happily buy one of these fashion laptops…