Windows Mobile only for Microsoft employees


Microsoft will no longer be paying for their employee’s iPhone contracts. Nor will they be paying for Blackberry or Palm Pre data plans, even if the phone is used for work-based activities. Microsoft will now only sanction expenses for Windows Mobile based devices.

It’s all to do with their massive cost cutting exercise apparently, but that doesn’t really make sense as plans are dependent on the volume of data downloaded, not the format of the smartphone’s OS.

I’m not really surprised that Microsoft have done this though, after all it was rumoured that Bill Gates had banned iPods from his own home.

I do feel a bit sad for the Microsoft employees who will have to put up with Windows Mobile, though. Good luck with that.

(via ZDNet)

Canon lets Japanese employees go home early twice a week to make babies


Japan’s birthrate is 1.34, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and that’s too low. It needs to be 2.0 for the population to maintain itself. As a result, 22% of the population is 65 or older – the highest proportion in the world. All this is primarily due to the country’s common 12-hour workday, which doesn’t exactly assist procreation.

Well, to try and rectify the balance, Keidanren, a business group of 1300 major international corporations, has asked its members to let workers go home early to “spend time with their families”, meaning ‘have lots and lots of dirty sex’.

Canon’s part of the group and will be letting its employees go home early at 5.30pm twice a week for that very reason. As well as helping the country’s demographic problems, it also means that the company spends less on overtime payments, and employees are happier. Everyone wins.

(via Crunchgear)

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