Start 'em young: Baby's First Internet nursery rhymes



Forget “Humpty Dumpty” and “Three Blind Mice” — it’s an Internet-enabled world these days and newborns need to be educated in the ways of Online.

Still, there’s room for a bit of tradition, so introduce some 21st century nursery rhymes and your little darlings will be Beboing geeks before you know it.

Kevin Fanning and Kean Soo have come up with “Baby’s First Internet”: nine nursery rhymes (all two liners, of course, there’s no time for waxing lyrical these days) such as:

Do not stop to think or edit:
You must be the first who said it.


It’s not your job to right a wrong,
just mark it FAIL and move along.

Head over to The Morning News to see them all.

[Hat tip: Laughing Squid]

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