Tips to Keep Your Remote Employees More Engaged

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Employees are the key for any organization to grow and make them more profitable. A skilled workforce not only do well for themselves but also helps in making the organization successful. However, a skilled workforce may not just be enough, you want them to be involved with the work and give their hundred percent towards whatever they do. If your employees are motivated and emotionally attached to the organization, they tend to strive hard for success.

Many organizations feel that monetary benefits are what the employees need, but there is a lot more. In this article, we have listed down a few ways to keep your employees more engaged and interactive.

1. Leverage technology:

To keep your remote team members connected, make use of communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, etc. While text messages and emails are a great way for communication, face-to-face meetings will make everyone feel more present. Schedule regular team meetings through web conferencing tools like Adobe Connect app and try to keep them short and crisp to avoid redundancy.’

2. Host virtual classes and shows:

From Tik Tok challenges to weekly Friday Netflix watch parties, there are several ways to engage your remote workforce. The key is to create an event that your employees are most excited about. Many organizations just create an event that they like and hardly consider the interests of their employees. At the end of the day, you are conducting an event for your employees, ensuring whatever you cater to everyone in the organization. 

Some more events that are widely liked are open mic sessions where people do mimicry, sing or do anything they like. You can also bring virtual singers and comedians to perform for your employees as well.

3) Sending gift packages:

Sending gift packages and gift cards on the eve of festivals and other special events is a great way to engage your employees. This makes the employees feel valued and more emotionally connected with the organization. You can also offer a variety of care packages like storytelling workshops or tiny campfires which is a great way to engage your remote workforce. 

4) Reward your employees:

Rewarding your employees for their hard work is a sure-shot way to engage them. When your employees feel that they are valued enough in the organization with promotions and incentives, they tend to stay with the company for a longer time. Also recognize the efforts of your employees by valuing their ideas and opinions, in this way every employee in the organization can contribute to the growth of the organization.

5) Appreciate feedback:

Feedback is the best way for an employee to voice out his/her opinions. Once you receive the feedback when you will take the action or the reason why you don’t. Now, the employees know that they are being heard. Never show prejudice in appreciating the feedback, incorporate a culture where everyone is equal in the organization. Lesser office politics, while engaging your employees more and attracting new hires.

6) Prioritize health and wellness:

Health is not just about physical fitness, it’s much more than that. Of Late, mental health problems took the center stage because of the pandemic and various other reasons. If your employees are sick physically or mentally, they cannot give their hundred per cent to the work. Offer yoga and gym subscriptions for physical fitness. Reducing the work pressure, insane work hours, and deadlines can add to the mental health of the employees.


HR managers and other leaders should create a structured plan to prioritize how they can engage the employees and make them active contributors in whatever tasks they pick. There is a lot of change when you do a certain task with all your interest. We hope this article helps you keep your remote workforce engaged all the time.


Tech Digest Correspondent