Not long to wait for ASUS' Eee 901 and 1000 sub-notebooks, July 1st apparently


Great news for those who’ve been holding out on buying a sub-notebook until the Eee 901 and 1000 launch – they’ve just been given UK release dates of the 1st of July.

With 8.9-inch and 10-inch screens between them, the main advantage with these two models is that they’re running on 1.6GHz Intel Atom processors, making for a better computing experience. They’ll run quietly, and be more energy-efficient. Better battery life is of course another benefit, particularly…

Hivision's 'eco-friendly' NB1020 sub-notebook runs on Windows Vista, firm rival for Eee 1000


Hivision is a brand we’re unlikely to ever see in the Western World, however it’s worth showing to you, due to the claim that it’s an ‘eco-friendly’ sub-notebook.

Shown off at Computex, the PC expo in Taipei, the NB1020 runs on Linux, Windows XP and…Vista? It has a 1.6GHz processor speed, 512 DDR RAM, and an 80GB HDD. It’s on the large end of the sub-notebook scale, measuring 10.2″, with a resolution of 1024 x 600…

Acer officially announces the Aspire One sub-notebook, the Eee 900 turns green with envy


Acer officially announced what we all suspected, that they had been readying a sub-notebook to compete with the Eee PC. The Aspire One, pictured, is an Intel Atom-based lappy with an 8.9-inch CrystalBrite LED backlit screen.

It’s not just a choice of 512MB or 1GB of RAM you have either, as Acer is kindly offering models with either Linpus Linux Lite or Windows XP, with the first OS packing 8GB of SSD and Windows giving the user 80GB of HDD space. Some things are best left to Acer to decide on however, so each model has a 0.3-megapixel CrystalEye webcam, 5-in1 card reader, Wi-Fi plus the option of integrated WiMAX or HSDPA connectivity.

Out on the 10th of July, the Linux…

Sure, it's an Eee 900 clone, but the Gigabyte M912 turns into a tablet PC with a twist


The Computex show rolls on, bringing many PC-shaped delights to those lucky enough to attend the Taipei expo. Gigabyte just previewed its M912 laptop-cum-tablet PC which will now be added to the mental list of ‘Eee PC bandwagon jumpers’.

An 8.9-inch screen puts it in direct competition with the Eee 900 and countless others, yet it’s got something clever up its USB port – a rotating 180 degree function which turns it into a tablet.

Internally, Gigabyte has packed in a 2.5-inch S-ATA hard disk with storage capacity of up to 250GB, and up to 4GB SSD if you choose. A 1.3-megapixel webcam and Windows or Linux OS finish…

Eee 900 battery issue not as bad as first thought, only five people complained to ASUS apparently


In his video review of the Eee 900, Dan noted that he was slightly disappointed with the battery life. Several other people have also commented on this downfall in the otherwise-amazing sub-notebook, causing ASUS to generously offer a brand new, better battery, for just £10.

However, when I spoke to an anonymous source at ASUS this morning, I was told that only five people had complained to the company about the battery life, so either everyone has very low expectations on a laptop’s battery life (I know I have, after many bad experiences with machines); only five people own an Eee 900; or everyone is using the little fella connected to a power source…

Acer is next to jump onto the sub-notebook craze with the rumoured Mini-Note Aspire One


Cor – hot on the heels of yesterday’s news about the Dell sub-notebook, and the 3K we just wrote about, Acer has jumped onto our radar with the rumour that they’re to release a Mini-Note, as pictured above.

Codenamed ‘Aspire One’ for now, it looks like it has an 8.9″ screen and runs on Windows XP SP3. It’s been spotted at the Computex show in Taipei, and whilst the information is hazier than a foggy morning, it looks like it’ll cost 299€, placing it in direct competition with ASUS’ Eee 900. Considering Acer…

3K's 7-inch sub-notebook RazorBook 400 goes on sale for $299


First unveiled a month ago, the 3K sub-notebook has just gone on sale in the US for $299, according to AVING.

Rivaling the Eee PC, MSI Wind, Mini Dell and countless others, it has a 7-inch screen, and weighs just 900g. It runs on an Ingenic 400MHz processor with Linux (just like your friendly Eee), and has a 4GB solid state drive, 512MB of RAM and a full-size keyboard.

At $299, it’s the same price as the original Eee is in the US, with with double the RAM and storage capacity…

That desktop Eee PC? Yep, it'll be renamed as the Ebox, and announced by ASUS June 3rd


Remember the rumours regarding a desktop PC version of the ASUS Eee? Finally, some more concrete evidence has landed in our RSS feeds, albeit with the same mocked-up images as before.

Just like their Eee, it’ll be a budget sub-desktop PC, with just 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive. They’ve given it a catchy name and everything – the Ebox. Think dyslexics will have a tough time discerning between the Ebox and Xbox? Me too.

The Register is claiming the Ebox will run on Linux, although my bet is they’ll add an XP version a few months after the launch. Also…