New Doctor Who hitting iTunes – one series a week popping up during December


Doctor Who, a show which chronicles the increasingly camp adventures of a time travelling man who gets his clothes from a Help The Aged sale rack and solves everything from interplanetary war to tooth decay by shouting while pointing a screwdriver at a broken numeric keypad, is coming to iTunes.

BBC worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC that’s allowed to sell things for money, is dumping every episode of the new Who on Apple’s shopping system. Episodes from the first series of the modern Who should be ready for buying and downloading today…

The… brace yourselves… TARDIS wardrobe

The must-have Christmas gift of 2008 for the 3-11-year-old demographic, it is, and we can hardly believe such an amazing item exists, a TARDIS wardrobe! It is such a great idea. One of the world’s best ideas, alongside automatically slicing bread with a machine and trainers with air in the soles for extra bounciness.

Fashioned out of the finest canvas and non-sustainable pine, the TARDIS wardrobe boasts a “single rail” and “zippable doors.” But it’s not about features. It’s about shape and colour, and saying “POLICE BOX” in the correct font.


It is also the ideal Christmas gift for those in the 33-49-year-old sci-fi fan demographic, along with some Babylon 5 slippers…

A fantastic display of garden sheds, including several outstanding TARDIS designs

We should explain the importance of the garden shed to our international readers. It may smell a bit mouldy, there may only be one uncomfortable folding chair to sit on, and most sheds lack basic utilities like gas, water and electricity. But the shed is the final hiding place for man.

Women won’t go there because it’s cold, children aren’t allowed because it’s dangerous. The shed is the last remaining 6′ x 4′ castle of the Englishman. Which is why some crazy men spend so much time modifying their sheds to look like the TARDIS. If you’re going to spend six hours a day in a shed, it may as well be a cool shed.


This stunning selection comes from Readers Sheds (best idea ever), which is currently running its Shed of the Year 2008…

Treat yourself to an 18" voice-controlled Dalek for all your crazy Doctor Who gatherings

I really wanted to put a life-size image of the 18″ Dalek to accompany this post, and could, due to the SUPER HI-RES image the company provided me with, but unfortunately Tardis says no. Oh, wrong cult TV show quotage? Whoops…

With a couple of in-built operating modes (including voice-programmable movement for all your sordid pornographic requirements), this 18-incher…