Treat yourself to an 18" voice-controlled Dalek for all your crazy Doctor Who gatherings


I really wanted to put a life-size image of the 18″ Dalek to accompany this post, and could, due to the SUPER HI-RES image the company provided me with, but unfortunately Tardis says no. Oh, wrong cult TV show quotage? Whoops…

With a couple of in-built operating modes (including voice-programmable movement for all your sordid pornographic requirements), this 18-incher is controlled by the typical r/c functions as well as the voice controls, and includes independent eye, head and body movements plus ‘multiple sensory inputs’. No, it’s not the Doctor Who equivalent of an iPhone, sigh…

In fact, according to the information on the website, this Dalek sounds about as close to a real Dalek as can get, as if you irk it somehow, it will go crazy-mad and ignore your verbal controls, going on patrol by itself and ‘exterminating’ any ‘hostile beings’ it finds.

What the manufacturer doesn’t say is that if you abuse your Dalek to take your sibling rivalries out on your younger sister, your plan will backfire and it will exterminate you.

18″ Dalek £99.99 from Character Online (via Toyology)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • A hundred dollars for that? I prefer to dress up Fredie that way and make him obey my commands.

  • Great! Another little rebel a in the house. I guess it doesn’t shoot at the irksome person. And who’s Dalek anyway?

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