Dalek voice-changeing hemet: the gift that keeps on giving


I do a rubbish Dalek impression. Everyone does. We all think it’s quite convincing when we stick our heads into a fan and shout, “Ex-ter-min-ate!”. Then you watch an episode of Dr Who and realise it isn’t.

But don’t worry japesters and Whovians out there, hours of fun have just arrived and for a paltry £40 too. You might look like a bit of penis jumping round with this Dalek helmet on your bonce but you are going to sound awesome.

Some would look at a novelty voice changer

Treat yourself to an 18" voice-controlled Dalek for all your crazy Doctor Who gatherings

I really wanted to put a life-size image of the 18″ Dalek to accompany this post, and could, due to the SUPER HI-RES image the company provided me with, but unfortunately Tardis says no. Oh, wrong cult TV show quotage? Whoops…

With a couple of in-built operating modes (including voice-programmable movement for all your sordid pornographic requirements), this 18-incher…

David Tennant-autographed Dalek up for grabs on eBay

It’s not often the opportunity to own a one-off David Tennant autographed Dalek comes up, and it’s even rarer when it’s containing recorded speech from Nick Briggs (who does the Dalek voices in Doctor Who, durr), and it’s even more rare when it’s been featured on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross TV show.

The Dalek’s recorded speech was made especially for the show, and all proceeds go to charedee, specifically…

Video Preview: Voice-activated Dalek for Doctor Who fans

Proper daleks don't respond to voice controls very well. You say 'don't zap me!', they ignore you and shout 'Exterminate!', and basically it's all a bit of a shambles. Ah well.

Shiny Shiny's Susi has found a dalek that's more polite, however. It's a voice-controlled dalek, which can react to movement, answer questions, and generally behave more like a decent, upstanding member of society. Check it out below:

Win a Doctor Who R/C Dalek Battle Pack from Prezzybox and Tech Digest!

dalekcomp.jpg Yup, we’ve teamed up with Prezzybox, the online gift boutique, to hand out one Dalek battle pack to a lucky Tech Digest winner.

You can ‘seek’, ‘locate’ and ‘annihilate’ to your heart’s content with the remote control Dalek, and aim your weapon at an opponent’s Dalek’s Infrared sensor and ‘exterminate…exterminate!’ When hit five times, the Dalek will scream ‘ARGH!’ and an explosion will be heard…