Denon upgrades entry-level DVD players: DVD-1740 and DVD-1940



Denon has launched upgraded entry-level DVD players, offering more eco-friendly, upscaling, sleekly designed goodness.

The DVD-1740 offers “Near Full HD” upscaling of DVDs via an HDMI connection, progressive scan via component inputs, a clear front display, larger control buttons, and smooth, curved edges matching Denon’s 2008 Home Cinema receivers. There’s also DivX ULTRA functionality. Priced at £149.99.

Denon DN-HC4500 promises DJ's intuitive performances from digitally-stored music


With the rise in music being stored digitally on MP3 players and computer hard drives, Denon has launched its DN-HC4500 DJ computer performance controller, designed to enable both professional and bedroom DJs to get a more intuitive feel to their music mixing.

It’s a USB MIDI/audio interface and controller, offering low latency ASIO (highly important when working with live audio), and OS X Core Audio support. Audio wise, it features 24-bit processing, plus a USB 2.0 audio interface with 2-channel stereo output, and 44.1/48/96kHz sampling.

Denon AH-D5000 "Mahogany" closed headphones designed for music lovers

denon_ah-d5000_mahogany_closed_headphones.jpgDenon has released the AH-D5000 headphones, aimed at the highest end of the audiophile market, and designed and voiced by Denon’s Hi-Fi engineering team, developers of Denon’s Advanced Evolution Hi-fi ranges, and Hi-fi market leaders in Japan.

These closed headphones are designed to be enjoyed in complete peace, are made from comfortable high-grade soft ear padding, with a lightweight magnesium frame, and real wood mahogany housing for superior acoustic characteristics.

Denon RC-7000CI: a smart, interactive LCD remote handset


Denon has introduced its RC-7000CI programmable LCD screen remote handset, an infrared remote control unit that can be expanded into a multi-zone room-to-room control system.

Far from a simple remote control unit, it features infrared and ZigBee Wireless data transmission, can be expanded to provide up to 16 room zones, allows equipment to be hidden out of sight, and is web upgradeable via USB.