Denon's PMA-500AE and DCD-500AE Advanced Evolution hi-fi separates released in UK

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Denon, known for their quality, but expensive, components, are returning to their “affordable hi-fi roots” in the UK with the launch of hi-fi separates ranging in price from £160 to, err, £5,000.

Well, OK, sort of affordable. Some of it…

Fortunately, the PMA-500AE stereo hi-fi amplifier and DCD-500AE stereo CD player fall in well under £200.

The 500AE CD player features 192kHz digital analogue converters (DACs), and 8 times oversampling, to make all CDs sound better, plus Denon’s own CD transport system, and heavy construction which reduces vibrations.

The 500AE amplifier is fully discrete, with a High Current Single Push Pull Circuit, high-speed, large-capacity power supply, and audiophile-grade capacitors, plus a clean, straight-path circuit design. It has as rated output of 45W + 45W at 8 ohms, or 70W + 70W at 4 ohms.

The CD player retails for £159.99 while the hi-fi amplifier retails for £179.99.

Full specifications can be obtained from the Denon web site

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