Denon AH-C160W wireless bluetooth earphones with ear-hooks

Launching today from Denon is this pair of AH-C160W Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sports headphones. Unlike some designs, the great thing about this pair of is they come with ear-hook technology to ensures the earphones stay in place, even during the most strenuous workout. What's more there's also a choice of three sizes of ring, four…

Denon’s HEOS HomeCinema sound bar helps to boost TV sound

* Amplifies TV sound and works as a HEOS speaker * Wireless subwoofer included * Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS * USB input for mass storage Want to boost your flat screen TV's sound? Then investing in a soundbar is a pretty good idea. New from Denon is a wireless soundbar and subwoofer system called…

Denon adds waterproof speaker HEOS1 to wireless speaker range

Hi-fi company Denon has added two new products to its wireless multi-room systems.The portable HEOS 1 wireless speaker is the first product in the series intended for both indoor and outdoor use whileThe HEOS 1 Go accessory pack extends the usability and features of the HEOS 1 for consumers who want to take their music…

Denon Cocoon speakers offer device-agnostic wireless streaming

Denon have today unveiled two new speaker docks that are happy to play your tunes wirelessly, no matter which of the three leading smartphone platforms you're using. Both the Denon Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable speaker docks are optimised for…

£1,000 headphones make up new Denon range

Eight new headphone models will land from Denon before the end of October, including a premium £1,000 pair. The Denon AH-D7100 is the flagship pair, featuring mahogany ear cups and Denon's 50mm "Free Edge Nano Fibre" drivers. Headlining the range,…

Denon announces the DBP-2010 Blu-ray player


Denon has announced the latest addition to their Blu-ray line-up: The DBP-2010.

I want to call it a high-end Blu-ray player but it isn’t really. Not compared to some of Denon’s other Blu-ray machines. Mind you, this one costs £599 and not £3,300 like the VD-A1UD.

That’s not to say that the DBP-2010 isn’t a good bit of kit because, a quick look at the spec, will show you that it is.

It has Profile 2.0 capability with built in BD-Live and Bonus View via the ethernet port. It can play multiple formats – pretty much any shiny circular disc you can imagine – and it has 10-bit video processing for both HD and SD viewing. It also offers upconversion and IP scaling up to 1080p.

Sound wise it features 7.1 analogue outputs with full decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. For music via CD it has a dedicated two-channel analogue audio output. The DBP-2010 also supports DivxHD and AVCHD playback from HD camcorders.

It’s out this month and, as mentioned, it’s going to set you back £599. You can get it in either black or silver. Interested? If so, check availability via Denon.

Denon introduces AH-C710 high-end earphones

Denon AH-C710_silver.jpg

The AH-C710’s feature a new ergonomic design, complete with soft foam earpieces which mould to the shape of the user’s ear, and a radial cascade damper which reduces the vibration noises that can occur when moving around – which people tend to do whilst wearing earphones. They also contain an acoustic optimiser that promises a clear and dynamic sound.

The earphones come in the swanky silver and crystal design, as pictured, or in simple black. They come packed with three different sized in-ear buds, an 80cm extension lead and a special case to stop you getting your cable tangled up.

For £140, they are a bit pricier than any of the earphones we featured in our headphones week but we’ve been impressed with Denon’s audio offerings in the past.

Buy them direct from Denon.

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Denon introduces the DN-S3700 CD Deck

Although Pioneer’s CDJ-1000MK3s are the standard CD player in every nightclub across the UK, Denon produces a range of DJ-standard CD players, too. They’ve just announced a new iteration, too – the DN-S3700. It’s got a rotating 9″ platter on the top with vinyl emulation, so if you can’t mix CDs with the buttons, then you can do it using the platter.

Additional features include USB and MIDI control, internal USB sound card, five built-in effects, and loop functionality, as well as your standard pitch/speed adjust and slot-loader. It certainly competes with the CDJ-1000 on features, but it lacks a lot of the style of Pioneer’s rival player – the DN-S3700 is covered with garish buttons and flashing lights. It doesn’t compete much on price either, costing £900 new, compared to £770 for the Pioneer. I’d love to give it a spin and see how it compares when actually ‘in the mix’. You can buy it ‘soon’ from from HTFR.

Denon (via Akihabaranews)

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Denon announces top-end AH-D7000 headphones


These over-ear headphones are Denon’s latest release to the ‘I’ve got rather a lot of money’ target market. How much money? Well, the AH-D7000s will set you back £800. That’s a lot of money, so you’d be right to ask what you’re getting for that.

You’re getting very high-class components, that’s why. A couple of 2″ drivers with free-edge microfibre diaphragms that’ll play notes up to 45kHz (20kHz is the top end of an average human’s hearing).

You also get housings crafted of mahogany (which I should point out is a highly endangered wood) with carvings on the INSIDE that ‘enhance the natural tonal balance’. The cable is 99.99999% oxygen-free copper, too, so you’ll get absolutely no distortion from that.

What do you think – worth £800? Or snake oil? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Denon UK

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