Denon introduces AH-C710 high-end earphones

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Denon AH-C710_silver.jpg
The AH-C710’s feature a new ergonomic design, complete with soft foam earpieces which mould to the shape of the user’s ear, and a radial cascade damper which reduces the vibration noises that can occur when moving around – which people tend to do whilst wearing earphones. They also contain an acoustic optimiser that promises a clear and dynamic sound.

The earphones come in the swanky silver and crystal design, as pictured, or in simple black. They come packed with three different sized in-ear buds, an 80cm extension lead and a special case to stop you getting your cable tangled up.

For £140, they are a bit pricier than any of the earphones we featured in our headphones week but we’ve been impressed with Denon’s audio offerings in the past.

Buy them direct from Denon.

Paul Lamkin
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