Denon DVD-A1UD high-end universal Blu-ray player


Okay, I’ll have to admit I asked for this a bit. In my last post about Denon Blu-ray players I demanded to know what Denon would describe as ‘high-end’, after their ‘entry-level’ player cost £600.

Well, this is it. It’s the catchily-named DVD-A1UD, and it’ll play back Blu-ray discs, Super Audio CD (SACD), DVD-Audio, DVD-Video and plain old CDs. The DVD-A1UD is the replacement for the Denon’s previous universal DVD player – the DVD-A1XV. Full specs are over the jump.

It costs a massive £3,300. I can safely say that I don’t know anyone who’d splash out £3,300 on a DVD player, but someone must, or they wouldn’t make the damn thing. It’s going to show up across Europe in March 2009, in either a silver or black finish. Who knows, perhaps by then you’ll be rolling around in pots of money. Denon can only hope.

Denon announces 'entry-level' premium Blu-Ray player


If this is ‘entry-level’, then I’m mildly terrified to see what Denon would describe as ‘high-end’. Oh wait. Now I’m scared. Anyway, back to the DVD-1800-BD. It’s a Blu-Ray player. It’s got HDMI 1.3a, full bit stream output of Dolby and DTS-HD audio, and 1080p upscaling of DVDs and 2-channel audio. It’s also got a stereo output, if you want to use it as a very expensive CD player.

There’s an SD card slot, too, and it incorporates a secondary audio and video decoder for picture-in-picture functionality, if you can handle watching two things at once. It’s going to be available at the start of December, and cost a whopping ‘entry-level’ £600. It’ll be available in Black and Silver.


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Denon shows off super-high-end DVD-3800BD Blu-ray player with "wonder" DVD upscaling


If you thought standard Blu-ray players were still a bit pricey, wait ’til you see Denon’s DVD-3800BD, which comes in at a cool £1,600.

For that, you do get some superior technology, including reference-standard Blu-ray disc playback offering Denon’s best pictures to date, with fantastic audio reproduction to match.

Denon is the first manufacturer to use the 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset, as well as HQV video processing, digital noise reduction, and 12-bit/297MHz video DAC…

Denon aims for a wider customer base with the Magnesium AH-D2000 headphones


Denon’s second pair of high-end headphones, the AH-D2000 model, takes the best features of the pricey AH-D5000s, but thankfully not the £500 price tag. They’re just half the price, at £249.99.

Code-named ‘Magnesium’, the lightweight magnesium closed cans feature an Acoustic Optimiser for adjusting the sound pressure, and boast impressive specs including a frequency…

Denon impresses yet again with their AVP-A1HD and POA-A1HD AV systems

Many will balk at the £10,000 price-tag on this system, but for those who know Denon, they’ll realise that it’s well deserved for the high audio quality you’ll receive.

Seen in the picture above are two systems, the AVP-A1HD and POA-A1HD, both retailing for £4,999 each, bringing the ideal home cinema system to just a shade under £10k.

Here’s both boxes, in a nutshell: The AVP-A1HD is their first AV component system for a decade reportedly, hand-built in Japan. It’s a THX Ultra2 reference class pre-processor, with a pre-amp and balanced XLR out,…