Denon impresses yet again with their AVP-A1HD and POA-A1HD AV systems

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Many will balk at the £10,000 price-tag on this system, but for those who know Denon, they’ll realise that it’s well deserved for the high audio quality you’ll receive.

Seen in the picture above are two systems, the AVP-A1HD and POA-A1HD, both retailing for £4,999 each, bringing the ideal home cinema system to just a shade under £10k.

Here’s both boxes, in a nutshell: The AVP-A1HD is their first AV component system for a decade reportedly, hand-built in Japan. It’s a THX Ultra2 reference class pre-processor, with a pre-amp and balanced XLR out, along with compressed music enhancer, Audyssey XT auto-calibration, advanced AL24 multi channel, plus built-in Wi-Fi, six HDMI inputs, and two outputs.

Meanwhile, the mono block ten channel power amplifier you see sitting there is the POA-A1HD, which promises a 4ohm delivery, plus a tidy 300W output per channel, bridge and bi-amp function, independent ten channel power supply, balanced XLR inputs, three assignable VU meters, plus full high-def audio and video support with auto lip sync and REALTA HQV for that lovely 1080p video upscaling we all can’t live without.

The POA-A1HD also lays claim to a HDMI 1.3a format with two HDMI outputs, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoders, Deep Colour and xvYCC support.

It’s iPod-ready, with Wi-Fi and built-in Ethernet enabling you to stream from your PC and Mac, and offers four zones.


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