Denon DVD-2930 upscaling DVD player

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Denon has launched the DVD-2930, which uses much of the technology of the DVD-A1XVA, which retails at £2700, but at a price under £700.

It’s three components in one – a high-end DVD player, a video processor running at 1 Trillion operations per second and a music player for CD, SACD and DVD-Audio. The DVD-2930 enhances standard DVD pictures with broadcast-quality Silicon Optix REON VX Picture Improvement Circuitry, upscaling to full-HD 1080p. The technology also processes each individual pixel in real-time, minimises picture noise and enhances sharpness.

There’s also advanced AL24 Plus digital audio processing for impressive sound, along with heavy anti-vibration construction. Available to order now, you can pick it up for £649.99.

Find out more at the Denon website

Dave Walker
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