Nokia hopes old Java game will help kickstart N-Gage gaming – Dogz available for download


We don’t want to go and start unnecessarily “hating on” Nokia’s N-Gage gaming plans, but Dogz? A game that’s clearly a homage (homage is less likely to offend people than saying RIP OFF) to the numerous other pet games out there? Is this really what mobile gamers want?

Not to mention the fact that Dogz has been available in Java form for quite some time, since 2006 in fact. And that sequel Dogz 2 is already available for other Java handsets. It is at least marginally updated…

Intel demos wireless electricity – magnetism used to avoid frying human flesh


It’s another entry in our occasional Future Made Real series, this time concerning fantasy sci-fi invention #261 – wireless electricity.

For some reason it’s chip-maker Intel that’s the latest company to show off some wireless electric kit, managing to power a 60 Watt light bulb (how energy inefficient of it) from a distance of three feet. That’s 90cm, if you’re reading this in the Benelux regions or France…