BBC demos Web 2.0 style Radio 1 personalisation service

Web 2.0

bbc.gifThe BBC has been showing off a prototype system dripping with Web 2.0 social networking interaction goodness at the MIX07 conference in Las Vegas.

Using Microsoft’s Silverlight software and Windows Live Messenger, the BBC has created a prototype system that would allow Radio 1 audiences to create, personalise, and share their music playlists and related content via an easy-to-use service.

It could allow each individual to create content packages or ‘badges’ that might include music, videos, pictures, and BBC interviews about their favourite bands or events.

“Users could then share them directly with their friends and online communities as well as linking with other picture or social networking-based services. It would allow users to watch streamed media together during a conversation in instant messenger,” said Jason DaPonte, Executive Producer of

“As the user’s online footprint expands, Radio 1 would be able to recognise their tastes and offer them even more of what they like. Prototypes such as this illustrate the BBC’s commitment to providing online services that are more open, personal and participatory than ever before, using the latest technologies to engage younger audiences.”

Another step in the BBC’s commitment to new technology and diversifying content delivery to its viewers and listeners.

Andy Merrett
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