Insane Bandai 'Diorama' speaker


File this one under ‘crazy’ and ‘Japanese’. It’s a pair of speakers, 2x1W, with a mounted diorama of a Tokyo street scene slapped on top of it. It’s so wonderfully tacky that I’m actually rather fond of it.

Want one? No? Okay. Well, if you know anyone who does, then tell them that it’s limited edition – just 2000 are being made – so get moving sharpish. It’ll cost them ¥198,000 (£1,640). That’s what’s known in the trade as ‘too much’.

Bandai (via Akihabaranews)

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What time is it? GUN O'CLOCK.

There are a number of variations on the old ‘do-something-complicated-to-turn-off-an-alarm-clock-so-that-by-the-time-you-manage-it-you’re-properly-awake’ concept, but this is one of my favourites. The brilliantly-titled Gun O’Clock requires you to use a light gun to shoot a target before the damn thing stops beepily interrupting your dreams of Slave Girl Leia.

To make things a little more complicated, there are two modes. The first will adjust the ‘snooze’ time based on how quickly you’re able to hit the target. The quicker you hit it, the longer you’ll be able to sleep for. The second mode – ‘hard mode’ – requires you to hit the bullseye five times before the alarm will stop.

Unfortunately it’s only available in Japan. Damn. But if you’re sneaky, you might be able to get one from Geek Stuff 4 U.

(via Akihabara News)

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The mysterious thing called "Luminodot" that we would very much like to have

It’s manufactured by Bandai, released in Japan, available to buy on Amazon Japan and, according to this site, seems to be a modern remake of an old Bandai toy called the Neon Brute.

Those are the only in-English facts we’ve been able to track down regarding this fascinating little device called Luminodot. Regardless of the lack of information, we’re feeling a significant amount of desire for this. Look at it. We would like a Luminodot based simply on how nice its case is and all the pretty colours.


It seems to be powered by you putting little plastic pegs into holes, creating a sort of neon Etch-a-Sketch…

I Want One Of Those offering bubble wrap keyring on pre-order, hurry and get one!


This is the third time I’ve written about Bandai’s Mugen Puchi Puchi keyring, or ‘bubble wrap’ keyring, since September – you could say I’m obsessed with this stuff.

Replicating the experience of popping bubble wrap bubbles, the £7.95 keyring has landed over at I Want One Of Those, on pre-order. And yep, the English version still contains that brilliant ‘easter egg’ feature, with every hundredth pop…

OCD sufferers, rejoice: ThinkGeek now stocking the electronic bubble wrap popping keychain!

electronic-key-chain.jpgRemember that awesome electronic bubble-wrap popper game from Bandai, the Mugen Puchi Puchi, which up until now was only available in Japan? Time to head on over to ThinkGeek, and purchase one, as the US purveyors of electronic and geek tat have come to the rescue yet again.

In case you need a reminder, the keychain device contains eight rubbery buttons in the shape of bubble-wrap bubbles. When…

Indulge your bubble-wrap popping tendencies with Bandai's Mugen Puchi Puchi

bubble-wrap-game.jpgHands up who enjoys popping bubble-wrap? Oh hai, all of you? Thought so. The past-time which is only just eclipsed by folding tent rods up, and scraping burnt bits off toast over the sink has just been made into a little electronic gizmo, which lucky OCD-ridden Japanese can get from Bandai when it launches shortly.

Like a game of Russian Roulette, every 100 squeezes of the air bubbles produces a random noise like the sound of a fart, or a woman ‘moaning in ecstasy’. Fear not commuters, as if you simply must pop the electronic bubble-wrap on the train,..

Beautiful Katamari game exclusive to Xbox 360?

Those rumours that the next Katamari Damacy game, Beautiful Katamari, would be rolled out across all platforms? Well, let’s just say it’s a sad day for the Ninty and Sony fanboys amongst us, as it’s now been confirmed that the next game in the cult-series will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, and may just be an Xbox Live download.

As fellow Shiny site Xboxer pointed out, if the game…