Goodmans launches Wi-Fi enabled, internet radio playing, iPod docking, media streaming ÜBER alarm clock

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goodmans_GWF101IP.jpgGoodmans has just launched a clock radio alarm to end all clock radio alarms – the GWF101IP.

I can only assume that Goodmans’ designers loath getting out of bed. I can sometimes last a good five minutes listening to the minor inconsistencies in my alarm clock buzzer before dragging myself out of bed to shut it up. About the best thing to ruin any chances of me actually shuddering in a vertical poise is if there were something entertaining to listen to.

However, Goodmans is bending over backwards to give you more choice than can be reasonably considered safe. For starters you can play tunes direct from your iPod. But maybe you’re saving them so you don’t get bored on the bus to work. That’s okay, use the Wi-Fi connectivity to hook straight up to the internet and over 6000 internet radio stations from across the globe.

The internet radio stations are categorised into Country, Continent, Genre or Local and you can store up to 5 stations on your presets. If that’s still not enough, or you’re getting overwhelmed with ’80s classic stations, you can also stream your entire personal music collection across from your PC.

When you’re setting the alarm you’re given the choice of which of these three sources to use to raise you from your slumber. There’s also a buzzer as a contingency plan.

An obvious concern with all of these features is that it would be extremely complicated to set up, especially when there’s Wi-Fi, WEP keys and an absence of keyboard involved. According to the press release though there’s a Quick Start Guide to help you through. We can’t vouch for it, not having seen it, but at least someone’s been trying.

The whole thing only weighs in at 2.1kg, so technically if you’re regularly sent out on business trips you could drag it around the place with you.

The GWF101IP will be on sale form April. You’ll be able to pick it up £99.99.


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