The mysterious thing called "Luminodot" that we would very much like to have

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It’s manufactured by Bandai, released in Japan, available to buy on Amazon Japan and, according to this site, seems to be a modern remake of an old Bandai toy called the Neon Brute. That’s Neon Brute.

Those are the only in-English facts we’ve been able to track down regarding this fascinating little device called Luminodot. Regardless of the lack of information, we’re feeling a significant amount of desire for this. Look at it. We would like a Luminodot based simply on how nice its case is and all the pretty colours.


It seems to be powered by you putting little plastic pegs into holes, creating a sort of neon Etch-a-Sketch-style, “analogue LED” image in the process. Imagine the fun you could have, especially during an usually lengthy power cut when the batteries of everything else have gone flat.

(Via FND)

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