Video Game BAFTA nominations announced – Call of Duty, GTA IV and Rock Band lead predictable line up


The Video Game BAFTAs are nothing to do with the proper BAFTA awards that happened over the weekend. It’s different. It is, more importantly, a separate event, so you don’t get the oddly-shaped, bearded, podgy video game makers of the world mingling with the beautiful people of the film universe.

The gaming BAFTA winners will be announced this March and the Academy has just released its full, vast list of all the nominations. They’re all here, right from “Best Game” to the odd world of “Best Audio”.

You and I, the common folk, are allowed to vote in only ONE category – the GAME-sponsored “GAME Award of 2008”. Nine games are in this category – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Guitar Hero…

Golden Joystick Winners – Call of Duty 4 does rather well


Games about war. Love them or hate them, they tend to be phenomenally successful, despite the fact there’s so darn many of them. The biggest and best of this past year, however, has definitely been Call of Duty 4 – a version of the WW2 first-person-shooter based in the present day. That was recognised at the Golden Joystick awards on Friday, where the game grabbed awards for “Ultimate Game of the Year”, “Online Game of the Year” and “PC Game of the Year”.

Aside from the fact that it definitely wasn’t the “PC Game of the Year” (that honour goes to Audiosurf, in my humble opinion), the game does deserve a decent amount of recognition – it was fantastic and looked incredible. Other winners at the Golden Joysticks included GTA IV, Activision Blizzard, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Guitar Hero III. A full list of winners is over the jump…

BT Digital Music Awards – nominations announced


It’s that time of the year again – the BT Digital Music Awards. These are awards which are given to bands, artists, labels, shops, and other digital music services which really use the web to its greatest advantage. Although there’s quite a lot of “which band has the prettiest website” rubbish in the awards, there’s also categories like “Best Digital Service”, “Best Music Shop” and “Best Music Hardware”….

NOT CES 2008: Yahoo!'s web Finds of the Year

yahoo-finds-of-year-2007.jpgSilly old Yahoo! decided to send out a press release today. Probably no one else will notice, what with the billions of press releases about TVs and mobile phones and robots flying about the place right now.

But WE noticed.

Yahoo! has come up with this list of what it calls the “Finds of the Year 2007” – basically a self-promoting little ready-made feature for bloggers like us to slot in among the billions of updates about new kinds of Bravia we’re all hammering out today…

Yahoo! launches Finds of the Year 2007: vote on best UK websites of the year

yahoo_finds_of_the_year_2007_logo.gifYahoo! has launched its search (ahem) for the best, most creative, innovative, and amusing websites within the UK, with The Finds of the Year 2007 awards.

Now in its sixth year, there are around 40 sites broken down into eight categories that will be voted upon by a panel of experts. The public can also vote for The People’s Choice award, with the winners being announced on 16th January next year.

The eight categories are charity, educational, ethical, innovative, social, shopping, travel, and weird and wonderful. The People’s Choice will decide the overall winner.