"Xbox 360" graphics on phones by the end of the year


Cor. I remember when playing colour Solitaire on my phone was cutting edge, but if you believe the words of Remi Pederson, a graphics product manager at ARM, we could be enjoying Xbox 360 style visuals from our mobile screens by the end of 2009.

Given that Xbox 360s are prone to overheating and dying a horrible death (mine shuffled off its mortal coil for a second time this weekend), does this mean we’re all going to be heading to the burn ward after an extended commute? Probably not. You see, although the visuals will look similar to the 360’s, they’ll actually be closer to original Xbox in output.

Freescale Semiconductor planning 1GHz, low-power netbook chip


At CES this week, chip makers Freescale Semiconductor will be launching a ARM chip architecture-based i.MX51 processor, that Freescale reckon could bring about $199 (£140ish) 1GHz netbooks. It’ll be a competitor to Intel’s Atom chip, which powers many of the netbooks in the market today.

However, Freescale don’t see themselves as competing with Intel, because their product is targeted at the lower end of the market, with machines running Linux rather than Windows XP. You’ll start to see machines with these chips in entering production towards the middle of the year, and showing up to buy in time for Christmas 2009.

Freescale Semiconductor (via Cnet)

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More netbook competition on its way as Ubuntu embraces ARM processors


A version of Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, will be developed for the ARMv7 processor, Canonical announced last week.

This could bring to market netbooks and other portable devices based on the more energy-efficient ARM processors, and challenge both Intel and AMD.

The Ubuntu Linux netbook version will be officially available from April next year. ARM processors are already used in mobile phones such as the iPhone and G1…

MWC 2008 Video Preview: Google Android platform shown off at ARM's stand

As every man and his Labrador puppy is talking about the Google Android platform at this year’s Mobile World Congress, I cajoled Ashley into showing us just how spiffy it is, through the medium of interpretive dance video. He spotted it at ARM’s stand, which if you remember, is the British chip designer who promised…

Brit chip company ARM to show first Google Android handset next week?

Whilst both parties are yet to decline on the matter, sources are saying that the British chip designer ARM will demonstrate a prototype mobile handset with Google’s Android platform next week at the Mobile World Congress.

The Android platform is yet to be shown to the public as yet, so if ARM does display the rumoured handset, it may…