Nvidia's new Tegra processors could power advanced range of mobile devices

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nvidia.jpgNvidia has announced a new line of processors which could be used in a new generation of advanced mobile devices.

Tegra processors will power Mobile Internet Devices (MID) which Nvidia defines as having screens of between four and twelve inches, a touchscreen and/or a keyboard, connection for a games controller or a wireless high-speed Internet connection.

They’ll compete directly with Atom processors, and whereas Intel’s offering is based on x86 architecture, Nvidia’s Tegra processors are based on ARM technology.

Mike Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia’s mobile business, believes a number of manufacturers will very soon unveil new devices based on the Tegra processors.

“By the end of the week, we’ll see people talking about the fact that they’re designing products around this technology,” he said. “All the initial products will come out of Taiwan; they’re the fastest to market.”

Devices containing Tegra technology could retail for between $200 and $250 (about £120-£170) and be available before the year end.

Of course, both companies believe their technology is the best suited for advanced mobile devices. Intel believes gaming and web browsing is better done on their x86 architecture, whereas Nvidia says ARM processors have a much better performance and hence offer greater battery life.

What’s certain is that powerful new mobile devices continue to be released, and now manufacturers have at least two options for what processor to put at the heart of them.

(Via Reuters)

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