Anime girl computer case mod – all kinds of wrong


When I was at school, I used to have a picture of Eva Herzigova in the Wonderbra ad above my desk. I never got any work done. Now, you tell me how you’re supposed to do anything but stare when you own a 3D anime girl computer case mod?

There’s little else to say about the matter other than the sheer hard work put in by Katsuya Matsumura to bring this polystyrene creation to life and the fact that she looks completely hot in exactly the way that young-looking cartoon characters brought to life shouldn’t.

Fortunately the back of the anime girl is where much of the gubbins is hidden and so if you make her face the wall, I’m sure it would be easy enough to get on with your computing.

If you’d like to see some more photos of how she was carved out and fitted with the mother board, then by all means go to Katsuya’s blog or alternatively, if you’d just like to look at more close ups such as this then you can go to the same place, you big sicko.


(via Tokyo Manga)

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