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Regardless of the function of the Constant Garden, it’s the kind of object I’d love to have on my desk. Plants are soothing and there’s something about the shiny rubberyness of this one that makes you want to touch it as well. I can see myself daydreaming away while absent-mindedly running my fingers through it for hours.

As it goes, each stem of this little green patch contains a mini speaker and the idea from designers Annika Ushio and Vanessa Satele is to provide a device not only capable of playing music but also to be programmed as a desktop personal organiser.

Personally, I get frustrated enough by written reminders. The lady in my sat nav has no idea how close she’s come to flying out of my car window.

I fear, pretty as it is, that the Constant Garden would find itself hurtling towards the office wall if it dared breathe a word about how late I was for a meeting. Perhaps that’s why it’s made of rubber?

Vitorio Benedetti (via the design blog)

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  • I like the idea. Made from rubber… great I can hit it as many times I want

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