Microsoft's Live Messenger goes all Facebook-y

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facebook_msn.gifMicrosoft has added a new service to its Live Messenger software, allowing users to access a number of Facebook functions directly from their IM client.

It’s all ready to go, and available to all UK users, without needing to download software or switch anything on. Users can update their Facebook status, poke, write on walls, browse photos. and send private messages, without having the hassle of opening up a web browser window, which of course is so difficult and irritating to have to do.

Mind you, if you want a quick game of Scramble, or need to interact with any of the 200 other applications you’ve added to your Facebook account, you’ll have to log in as normal.

Presumably this move is as much about the two companies creating an ongoing warm, fuzzy feeling as it is about creating something useful for Messenger users.

(Via PC Pro)

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