Photoshop Magnets – for your geeky designer Valentine


Do you, or someone you know, spend a little bit too much time in Photoshop, tweaking those digital camera images a little more until you really can’t see the difference any more? Well, here’s the perfect birthday present, or Valentine’s gift, I suppose. It’s a set of magnets that look like the myriad of menus and toolbars that come in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Brazillian company Meninos sell these magnets on their own for $25, with a 20″ magnetic whiteboard for $65, and with a 40″ whiteboard for $95. That seems rather on the bargainous side, to me. Just a pre-order for the moment, though – they’ll be shipping on Feb 15th, so your Valentine will have to make do with an order confirmation until it arrives.

Meninos (via Technabob)

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BBC iPlayer programme downloads finally coming to Mac and Linux users via Adobe AIR


Yes, that long-winded title pretty much sums up it up – Mac and Linux users who have been (im)patiently waiting for the BBC to develop software that will allow them to download programmes from iPlayer will soon see their wish come true.

The BBC has partnered with Adobe (makes a change from Microsoft) to launch an AIR version of the iPlayer software. As Adobe’s AIR platform is (allegedly) cross-platform, it should mean that any operating system capable of running it will be able to download content…

Adobe still confident of Flash on iPhone, must pass Apple's tests


I’ve lost track of how many times Adobe has said that a version of Flash for the iPhone is imminent, but at the “Flash on the Beach” conference in Brighton (who thought up that title then, eh?), the company said that a version of its Flash Player could be released “in a very short time”.

Of course, it’s one thing to write an application for the iPhone, and quite another to get it past Apple. A number of applications have been refused entry to the App Store, or pulled soon after launching, because they failed one of Apple’s strict entry criteria…