The camera phone spelled the end for the digital camera. That’s what they told us. But no, it wasn’t true, because the cameras in camera phones have generally always been pretty useless regardless of how many megapixels they had wodged into them. But is that all about to change with the new LG Viewty Smart, a handset that’s as much a camera as it is a phone.

The eight megapixel snapper/phone comes wielding auto focus, smile and face detection, geo-tagging, and in-phone editing.

LG’s impressive S-Class UI make a welcome reappearance on the Viewty along with a veritable smorgasbord of connectivity options, minus 3G, which might make viewing web-pages a ball-ache, especially if you can’t get an EDGE signal either. Quaintly it also has FM radio, which I actually really like, a lot, because radio is still ace.

Available soon, on Orange initially, and then across the networks thereafter.

Samsung Acme i8910 info spills out


Strange names for products can sometimes work – just look at the Wii. Even so, the Samsung Acme, which info has just leaked about, is a little too close to ‘acne’ for my liking. It’s heavily based on the Omnia, and actually looks to be a pretty decent upgrade to Samsung’s cameraphone.

It boasts an 8-megapixel sensor, GPS, HDMI, Wi-Fi, and a 3.5mm headphone socket. It’ll do HD recording, and it’s DNLA and DivX compatible. There’ll be 8GB and 16GB versions available, and because it’s got a massive touchscreen, it’ll invariably be referred to as an “iPhone Killer” at some point in its life. Sigh. No word on release date or pricing. Yet.

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SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Samsung M8800 Pixon

Check out the video above for Lucy’s thought’s on Samsung’s lovely 8-megapixel ‘Pixon’ cameraphone. It’s got a touchscreen, autofocus, ASR and WDR, and 16x zoom, along with an awesome slow-motion video mode. It’s almost like it’s a camera first and a phone second!

Samsung Mobile

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Shiny Video Preview: Samsung Pixon

In a double-whammy of pink Zara video glory, here’s the Samsung Pixon. It’s an eight megapixel camera phone, and as you’d expect, it takes rather nice pictures. It also opens and closes the lens cover in the software, which I really, really appreciate as an N95 owner. More details from our first look here.

Samsung Pixon

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