SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: the 8-megapixel LG KC780

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I wasn’t overly impressed by the 8-megapixel LG KC780. It was given a very quiet release as the less attractive sibling of the touchscreen Renoir and for a fairly good reason.

Someone on YouTube asked me some very valid questions about other features of the phone. So, if you want a little more info, this is what I said:

The keypad is appalling. The main selection button was intermittent. The numbers were good though.

Call reception is very good. No 3G.

UI is painful. Not intuitive at all.

Screen is good under all light conditions.

Takes about one second too long to take pictures.

The build quality is superb.

If we mentioned everything, the vids would be over 10 minutes each which we feel is far too long, so we just pick the features which we feel are relevant to us.

The best thing about this phone is probably the battery life. I went around four days of casual use on a single charge.

As I say, we try not to bog you down with every detail but if there’s ever any more you want to know, then just ask us in the comments. We’re always here and we’ll always answer.

LG KC780

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