Nothing Phone 2a sales top 100,000 after few hours, AI weapons-scanning company backtracks



Sales of the new Nothing Phone 2a have already topped 100,000 just hours after it went on sale in signs the London-based smartphone designer has gained a major foothold in the market. The device, which retails at £319, was launched yesterday as a cheaper alternative to the higher-spec Nothing Phone 2 and aims to lure customers away from mid-market rivals and dominant industry players like Samsung in search of lower prices. Sales of the phone, the third released by the company since the launch of its first device in 2022, have significantly outpaced its predecessors in signs the company is continuing to build up market share. Standard

Back in mid-February, OpenAI unveiled Sora, its generative AI model that creates videos from text prompts or even a still image and can also edit videos or extend them by filling in or adding frames. Amazing as the demos were, there was no solid launch date for the general public – all we were told was that Sora was being tested by experts who were carrying out tests and were assessing the model for potential risks ahead of launch. Today thanks to an interview by OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati we know that it’s only a matter of months – Sora will be released later this year. It could in fact be ready “in a few months”. GSM Arena 

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of dangerous driving and causing a public nuisance after a “runaway” electric Jaguar had to be brought to a halt by eight police cars. A widely reported incident on March 6 saw a Jaguar I-Pace speeding down the M62 motorway with its driver saying its brakes were not working….Merseyside Police said on Wednesday that a 31-year-old man from Bolton had been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and causing a public nuisance. Telegraph 

The Microlino Dolce is a throwback to mid-century bubble cars. Image: The Verge

“Wow, what an entrance!” said a well-coiffed woman as other patrons seated at the sidewalk cafe, now standing, began to applaud my exit from the electric bubble car like I was stepping out of a limousine…. What followed was a bevy of questions I had already answered dozens of times in my one week with the car: What is it? How much does it cost? Can I drive it on the highway? It’s an Italian-made Microlino from a Swiss-company called Micro with prices starting at around €18,000 (about $19,500). Yes, it’s highway legal. The Verge


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An AI weapons-scanning company has backtracked on claims its technology has been tested by the UK government. Evolv Technology makes “intelligent” scanners designed to replace metal detectors by identifying people with concealed guns, knives and bombs. But the company has come under mounting criticism for overstating what the technology can deliver. Evolv told BBC News it had altered its claims about UK testing to “better reflect the process taken”. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) launched an investigation into the company last month. And in October the company revealed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was looking into its marketing practices. BBC 

Google is restricting its AI chatbot from answering election-related questions in countries where voting is taking place this year, as the company tries to avoid spreading disinformation. Now, when you ask Gemini an election-related question, it responds with: “I’m still learning how to answer this. In the meantime, try Google Search.” The response appears for questions around voting, politicians and political parties. Sky News 




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