The Most Convenient Payment Options for Mobile Casino Players

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As consumers, we want convenient payment options. It may be for shopping online, sending money abroad or playing at mobile online casinos. Why? If you ask me, I want to deposit and withdraw my money as seamlessly as possible. I don’t want to wait for my money and I don’t want to wait to use my money.

My favourite payment methods are:

Below, I’ll go into more detail about why they’re more favourite, why I think they’re the most convenient, and how you can use them.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay were alien to me at one point – I remember when they first entered the market around 2014. Of course, I’m a fan of something that’s accessible at the touch of a finger. I don’t have to stress. As long as the casino accepts it, I can use it. That’s the only limitation, not all casinos will accept it. And this one just makes sense, I had to put it first – Apple and Google pay lives on our phones.


The benefits should speak for themselves. Once your card is connected to your wallet (Apple or Google), you can use it everywhere. Most online casinos will not accept it. The allure of Apple Pay and Google Pay lies in their simplicity and speed. And their use of tokenization means my actual card numbers are never shared – that’s something I like.

Setting It Up

Getting started with Apple Pay or Google Pay was an intuitive experience. For Apple Pay, I simply added my credit or debit card to the Wallet app on my iPhone, and for Google Pay, I did the same on my Android device. The setup process involved verifying my cards with my bank, and ensuring that everything was up and running smoothly.

How to Use Them

Depositing in a mobile casino with Apple Pay or Google Pay is easy. If anything, although I do use Visa and credit cards more, it’s easier. All I have to do is tap my finger on the biometric print, and a casino will accept my Google Pay. The same would happen if I had Apple Pay.

If my card is connected to my wallet, I can use it. It’s easier than typing out my card details every time if I don’t have them saved as auto-fill.

This guide will give you a step-by-step about how to set up Apple and Google Pay on your phone if you don’t have it.


Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is piquing everyone’s interest. And recently, its number surpassed $66 thousand, although it has dropped since. If anything, you want to look at what SHIBA Inu has been doing for the last month.

Anyway, now you can use crypto as casino payments. It was inevitable.


What draws me to cryptocurrency is its privacy and the absence of intermediary fees. My transactions are mine alone, with no banks peeking in. And those annoying transaction fees? Virtually nonexistent with crypto.

Setting It Up

Getting started with cryptocurrency was an adventure, I have to admit. You’ll need a wallet, encrypted key, and ID verification. I can’t lie, it’s not as easy as setting up a new online banking account through my online banking app.

Still, everything about it seemed more secure. Find a wallet, find a cryptocurrency exchange, link the two to your bank account, and you should be ok. Oh, and you actually have to buy the crypto – that’s expensive.

How to Use Them

Using Bitcoin at mobile casinos is straightforward. If you know what you’re doing. I looked at a few YouTube tutorials to understand what to do. And anyway, it won’t be long until standard casinos accept Bitcoin payment. I’m sure some of them already do.

Statistics show Nearly 75% of retailers want to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next year.

Credit/Debit Cards

My favourite. Well, it’s the one I use most often. It’s the one I grew up with. I know exactly what I’m doing with credit or debit cards.


Their universal acceptance is a benefit for me. I don’t have to worry about whether a casino website will accept my card. If anything, I would wonder why they rejected my card. Unless it was a crypto casino. But I don’t dabble in them.

Setting It Up

Setting up my card for casino payments was nothing new. I’d done it plenty of times before. Depending on what casino or browser I’m using, I often have the option to save my details. Even if I find it stressful, I often only have to do it once per website. Do I think that’s a safety issue? Yes, of course I do. Do I still click save card details? Of course, I do.

How to Use Them

Making deposits with my card is second nature. Do I need to explain this one? Surely, everyone reading this has used their cards to make a payment online before – depositing and withdrawing money on online casinos is the same. Put my details in, make sure my billing address is correct, and suddenly, the casino has my money. Or, sometimes, if I’m lucky, I have their money.

Which one is your favourite payment option? And I’m not just talking about casinos. I’m thinking about everything. I like to have options, but even with options, there’s still one payment method I always gravitate towards. Even if I know one is quicker and easier – I still stick to PayPal and Visa.

I think I do that because my phone auto-fills the information. If not for autofill, perhaps I’d be more adventurous with my payment option. Who am I kidding? I’d still pick PayPal or Visa. Why? I trust them more.


Tech Digest Correspondent