OpenAI opens GPT store for customised chatbots, Hyundai unveils Supernal S-A2 compact aircraft



OpenAI on Wednesday launched its GPT Store, a marketplace where paid ChatGPT users can buy and sell specialized chatbot agents based on the company’s language models. The company, whose wildly popular product ChatGPT helped kickstart the boom in AI, already offers customized bots through its paid ChatGPT Plus service. The new store will allow users to offer and monetize a broader range of tools. Through the new models, chatbot agents could be developed with their own personalities or themes, including models for salary negotiating, creating lesson plans and developing recipes. The Guardian 

The public, adult performers and law enforcement are being invited to answer a questionnaire on the impact of pornography. It will be used in a review of the industry that will make recommendations to government. Questions will include the effect of porn on relationships, mental health and attitudes towards women and girls. But a trade association for the adult industry has said it seemed a “pretext for greater censorship”. The review will also look at how AI and virtual reality are changing how pornography is made and consumed. There is concern about the ability of AI to generate child abuse images, and non-consensual pornographic images. BBC 

Not satisfied with having some of the best electric cars on sale and pressing on with hydrogen technology, Hyundai has expanded its portfolio further with the launch of the Supernal S-A2, a compact aircraft that’s part plane, part helicopter. Supernal is the name of the Hyundai division that’s creating the S-A2, and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the location for its unveiling. This isn’t the first aircraft concept from Hyundai, the S-A1 came before it, but it’s closer to production reality than ever before. Supernal has currently set a deadline of 2028 for the S-A2 to enter production. AutoExpress 

Mercedes has announced a new “interactive musical experience” for its cars, which will link the sounds coming from your stereo to how fast you are driving. Nudge against the speed limit and you will be treated to chirruping techno. Slap on the wipers and something slow and soothing will strike up. Under what circumstances your motor will play Ed Sheeran is unclear, but it will probably involve potholes. It sounds like the wackiest idea since someone invented a $300 face mask that played music and lit up at night. That is no coincidence, as both technologies flow from the brain of serial tech entrepreneur William James Adams Jr., aka Telegraph 

Amazon announced a Matter to Fire TV integration at CES 2024, allowing users to cast content wirelessly on their Fire TV devices. At CES 2024Amazon announced that they are joining the Matter Open casting standard. This new smart home standard promises to make connecting and controlling devices from different brands. Unlike Google Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay, the Matter Open casting is not limited to specific devices. This has just been launched for the Prime Video app and will soon be available on Amazon’s hardware devices. Dexerto 

CES 2024 is in full swing and, as expected, we’ve seen an influx of impressive new TVs appear. And while our TV/AV editor Tom Parsons has been unabashed with his praise of TCL’s latest giant 115-inch QM891G mini LED, for me the standout announcements came from LG and Samsung which both revealed new “transparent” TV display technologies.  In Samsung’s case, this was a proof of concept, see-through micro LED TV which is in no way designed for home use. But in LG’s case, the see-through OLED T is, according to all the company reps we asked at CES 2024, going to be a commercial product people can actually buy. What HiFi

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