The CES Digest: Wearables aren’t ready for the big time… and 7 other bits of news coming out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show today

[nextpage title="Next"] Wearables aren’t ready for the big time, apparently | Shiny Shiny "The geek with a Google Glass in your office might disagree (and yes, some of the Shiny Shiny team too), but according to one company boss at CES 2015 wearable tech still isn’t quite ready for the mass market yet. At Qualcomm‘s…

Hyundai's MB-910 touchscreen watch-phone


Oh dear, I hear the rumblings of the forming of a bandwagon. The £1,000 LG G910 wasn’t enough for you all? Hyundai doesn’t think so, because it’s making its own variant – the similarly-named MB-910.

As well as being a watch, it’s a tri-band phone, with 3 hours of talk-time battery life, bluetooth (for a headset), SMS, MMS and video playback. No video calling, I’m afraid. Best feature of all? POLYPHONIC RINGTONES! Hurrah – I missed those.

Available within the next few months (“Q2”), Hyundai’s watchphone will cost £200. A bit more reasonable than LG’s effort, at least.

(via Reg Hardware)

Hyundai intros BlueH HM22D multi-function monitor


Hyundai has announced its BlueH HM22D 22-inch LCD monitor, claiming it to be a great energy-efficient alternative to running a standard monitor and media centre PC for handling TV and other multimedia.

The monitor uses under three watts of power even at full brightness (300cd/m2), can handle 1080i high definition content, has a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and 5ms response time…

NOT CES 2008: Exclusive video of what WON'T be in Las Vegas this year

Hey everyone. What with all the talk of this “CES” thing that’s going on at the moment, I thought I’d give you an EXCLUSIVE look at a few of the products that won’t be on the show floor this year.

I’ll be revealing a two-year-old TV with NO HDMI sockets on it whatsoever, a six-year-old games console and a literally ancient digital cable box that’s definitely NOT rocking the crowds at the Vegas Convention Centre right now.

You won’t see these anywhere else! (apart from maybe at a dump or really poor friend’s house).