Social media analysis reveals Britain’s broadband stress levels

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Brits are not shy of taking to social media to vent their frustrations, and it would appear that angry broadband customers are no exception.

Examining the 305,568 tweets aimed at the UK’s major broadband providers, comparison site Broadband Genie used TensiStrength tool to assign a stress score from 1 (not stressed) to 5 (very high stress).

What it found was that Shell Broadband’s customers were the most stressed of any UK ISP. TensiStrength analysis discovered a staggering 37% of tweets about Shell were classed as ‘stressed’ to some degree. At the other end of the spectrum, Hyperoptic has the lowest split of stressed tweets, with only 13.4% of tweets classed as stressed. NOW Broadband isn’t far behind at 14.2%, and the next least stressed customers were from EE, with a slight jump up at 17%.

Says Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie:

“Social media is a great channel for two-way communication and sometimes just as an outlet to get things off our chest. The results are very close at both ends of the table and the study includes a variety of issues such as customers experiencing outages, slow broadband, call waiting times or billing issues.

“At a time when we’re so reliant on our broadband provider to keep us connected for work and to our friends and family, we need our internet providers to give a reliable service. Decent customer care can go a long way to make us feel looked after and most providers have a dedicated customer helpline for any issues.”

“However, if a customer feels their complaint hasn’t been taken seriously, you can request a more senior member of their team to look into it or if no progress is made, there is the option of submitting a claim with either CISAS or Ombudsman Services.”

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