Brits spending quarter of day online, claims Ofcom


data today finds that Brits are now spending more than a quarter of their days online with services such as Zoom seeing incredible growth.

The broadband team at Uswitch has analysed Google search data for 20 apps between 1st April and 31st May to reveal the nations most-used online services contributing to this unprecedented growth reported by Ofcom.  

UK’s 10 Most Searched Apps During Lockdown

  1. Zoom +1040%
  2. Google Hangouts +186%
  3. Facetime +176%
  4. Skype +120%
  5. My5 +103%
  6. GeForce NOW +83%
  7. Hulu +49%
  8. All4 +46%
  9. Apple TV +44%
  10. Disney Plus +20%

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Virtual quiz favourite Zoom tops the list, with 1040% increase in Google search interest between April 1st and May 31st. Data from Zoom grew from 659,000 UK adults to reach 13 million adults over the same period – a rise of almost 2,000%. 

Using just 0.54GB per hour, Zoom is also one of the least bandwidth-hungry apps. Out of all the video-calling apps, Google Hangouts uses the most bandwidth – 0.70GB per hour. 

The Bandwidth Britain Report also revealed that 35% of broadband users in the UK complained about slower internet speeds during lockdown. Nick Baker from Uswitch offers his top tips for speeding up slow broadband. 

Smooth Streaming:  5 Tips to Help Improve Broadband Speed

  1. Carry out a broadband speed test so you can see just what speeds you’re getting. Try doing this at different times during the day and take a screenshot or a note of the result. 
  2. Check and see if your browser software is up to date. Having the latest version of your browser can really help speed up the way web pages load. 
  3. Is your router next to any other wireless devices? Anything from a wireless doorbell to fairy lights can have an impact on the speeds you’re getting. My tip would be to place your router on a small side table away from any other devices (rather than on the floor) and keep it switched on at all times.   
  4. Ensure you have a strong password protecting your Wi-Fi network to make sure nobody else is using it — this is particularly important if you live in a flat or apartment. 
  5. Is your router firmware up to date? Your router should update automatically, but you can force a reset (check the back of the device for instructions) and this can help with broadband speed. 

You can view the full Uswitch report here: 

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