Twitter uses Instagram to take aim at rival

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Twitter has taken aim at Instagram with a series of posts on the rival site highlighting the issue of cross-platform content sharing.

In a sequence of six posts on the photo-sharing service, Twitter recreated a tweet from a user poking fun at the content on Instagram.

The tweet from @Miagrassia28 read: “instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and i think @Twitter should call them out”

Tweets on Twitter's Instagram account

Twitter chopped the tweet into six images and displayed them across six Instagram posts, recreating the tweet in a format which was – perhaps deliberately – hard to share.

Twitter then want on to share a series of popular tweets via screenshots on Instagram.


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Many popular meme accounts, including @f***jerry, @sarcasm_only and @thefatjewish who each have more than 10 million followers, get a large proportion of their content from screenshotting tweets and posting them to Instagram.

It has sparked a debate about copyright and remuneration for content creators.

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