GTA5 to get 22 new single player DLC missions?


Grand Theft Auto 5’s Downloadable Content could encompass 22 new single player missions – at least according to some informed speculation.

Usually reliable YouTuber DomisLive, who seems to play his life playing the game, has posted a video about some new details derived from the people who hack through the code in each GTA5 update looking for new information.

Domis claims that the code suggests that when the single player DLC finally hits the new missions will be themed around “Agent” assassination missions – the speculation being that it will be based on cancelled Rockstar games title “Agent”, which was to be set in the Cold War and saw players tasked with carrying out political assassinations and the like.

In a separate video it has also been suggested that when the Heists DLC hits (which will be March-ish), the GTA Online heists story will be set 6 months before the single player story mode, and involve a character known as “Jeff”, who takes part in skydiving in the main game. So it sounds like you might soon be infiltrating buildings from above.

We’ll report when Rockstar confirm anything official, suffice to say we’re pretty excited.

James O’Malley
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