Playstation Now game streaming come to Samsung Smart TVs


Samsung has announced that from next year Sony’s Playstation Now game streaming service will be available on selected Samsung Smart TVs – meaning you’ll be able to game away without having a console sat under the TV.


The streaming service, which works in the cloud, will merely require you to have a PS4 controller and a fast internet connection (above 5Mbps, according to SamMobile), and you’ll be able to play a bunch of relatively new titles on your Samsung TV.

The move is interesting, because this is the first time that Playstation Now has been seen on a non-Sony product (the service is also available on Sony smart TVs, as well as the PS3 and PS4 themselves). The fact that it is Samsung is especially intriguing too: Could we soon see Playstation Now on Samsung phones and tablets too perhaps?

We’ll hopefully be getting PS Now here in the UK early next year too.

James O’Malley