Nobody wants an Amazon FirePhone – Amazon takes a big financial hit

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Poor Amazon – it put so much effort into the Fire Phone, but it seems that not many people actually want one. The company has just announced it is taking a $170m hit “primarily related to Fire phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs.”


The news comes courtesy of Recode, which has been digging through Amazon’s financial results.

The Fire Phone was launched in the US in July and in the UK last month – and runs Amazon’s own flavour of Android. Uniquely, it sports four cameras in the corners of the device for head tracking – so it can see where on screen that you’re looking.

Whilst it will be bad news for Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, it will no doubt be a hit that Amazon can take – as Recode notes, it likes to play the long game – and anyone who remembers the first chunky Kindle ereaders will know these things take a while to get right.

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  • but the difference is the Kindle was the first ebook reader of its kind (along with its ecosystem) but they are instead playing catchup in the smartphone category. it’s much more of an uphill battle for them

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