LG makes its own mobile chips

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LG has announced that it is getting into the mobile chips business: Rather than just making phones and buying the innards from elsewhere, the South Korean firm has come up with its first mobile application processor.


Here’s how the company describes the new processor:

“NUCLUN (pronounced NOO-klun) was designed using ARM® big.LITTLE™ technology for efficient multi-tasking capabilities. The AP employs four 1.5GHz cores (ARM Cortex-A15) for high performance and four 1.2GHz cores (ARM Cortex-A7) for less intensive processing. The number of performing cores can be adjusted based on the requirements of the task for maximum processing power or maximum energy savings. NUCLUN is designed to support the next generation of 4G networks, LTE-A Cat.6, for maximum download speeds of up to 225Mbps while retaining backward compatibility with current LTE networks.”

The first phone to feature “NUCLUN” will be the LG G3 Screen, a variant on the LG G3 for South Korea only.

James O’Malley
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