WATCH: Doom running on a cash point


Another entry into the “Does it run Doom?” file this morning. Over the weekend some clever hackers managed to make an ATM machine run the game that has become almost the standard test for hardware hacking: 1993 shooter Doom.


The way it works is because the cash point they used, like many others, actually runs Windows XP underneath the bank software. Apparently they configured it so the keypad is used to move and shoot, and the selection buttons on either side of the screen can be used to change weapons. Check the video below:

We’ve no word yet if whether you’ll get a receipt at the end with your final score on it, or if they’ll be creating an ersatz arcade machine, taking card payments for goes on Doom. But if there is one thing we do know it is that the fact these guys have an ATM and are trying to hack it doesn’t raise any slightly awkward questions at all.

Here’s ten other weird things that can run Doom.

James O’Malley
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