Nokia name starts to disappear – MixRadio rebranded


We’ve known it was inevitable, but the slow retreat of the Nokia brand name from mobile phones and apps is still sad to see. MixRadio is one of the first casualties.


Since Nokia’s mobile arm was acquired my Microsoft earlier this year a name change has been on the cards: The Nokia name didn’t come with the sale. We still don’t know what (if any) name Microsoft intends to use in its place, but the changes have started.

Nokia MixRadio, which was started by Nokia as something of competitor to the likes of streaming music service Spotify will, following the latest update be known simply as MixRadio, according to WP Central.

The 4.5 update also fixes a number of bugs in the software.

It remains to be seen whether anything will happen to the likes of Nokia Maps, but we’ll keep you updated.

James O’Malley
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