Rockstar reveal GTA Online's Independence Day update


We may still be a few days away from the 4th of July, but Rockstar is getting into the spirit of things by releasing the “Independence Day Special” update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


The update brings a host of new content with exactly the level of understated tactfulness we’ve come to expect from the game that perhaps best embodies the American spirit.


New vehicles added to the game include the Sovereign motorbike, and Liberator monster truck – and new weapons include an 18th century-style musket and a firework rocket launcher. Nice. Clothing updates include a “Made in the USA” t-shirt, a “backwards mullet” (whatever that is) and, umm, animal masks.


Seven new properties have also been added to the game for players to buy with in-game cash. Apparently they’ll all have yard space where you can trigger a fireworks display. If that isn’t enough fun, you can also head down to the pleasure pier and ride the rollercoaster or ferris wheel.


More boringly, the update also brings with it the standard bug fixes and minor updates. Though one interesting new feature is what they call “on call matchmaking”, that after accepting a job you can continue to play in free mode until the game actually starts to save hanging around bored in the game lobby.


The update is apparently only available for a limited period (Rockstar haven’t specified exactly when) but is available now – so get downloading!

James O’Malley
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