Are GTA5 and other PS3 titles coming to PS4?


Grand Theft Auto V has been spotted in the Playstation store as listed for PS4 – does this suggest that the game will be making the next generation leap?


The folks at CVG reported that GTA5 was spotted alongside Diablo III and Dead Island Riptide – which were all released on the PS3. So what are they doing there?

This wouldn’t be the first time last gen games have made the jump – The Last Of Us and 2012’s excellent Tomb Raider reboot have already been confirmed for Sony’s new format.

The case of GTA5 is perhaps the most interesting – Rockstar have previously said on a call to their investors that they’ll be releasing another game “before March 2015“.

The other speculation is that the titles could instead be destined by Playstation Now, Sony’s forthcoming on-demand games streaming service that will enable players to play PS3 titles on PS4 and even PS Vita, mobile devices and Sony Bravia TVs by doing all of the processing for them in the cloud (the service won’t arrive in Britain until 2015).

Of course – it could also be an innocent mistake. Watch this space.

James O’Malley
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