Sony smartphone lens add-on to boost quality of selfie shots, to feature built-in Wi-Fi, NFC

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sony-smartphone-lens.pngHere’s a photography gadget coming out of left field from Sony – SonyAlphaRumors are reporting that the company are developing a “lens-camera” unit that could be mounted on a smartphone and dramatically improve the quality of the images it could take.

A detachable accessory according to the leaked image above (sorry for the pixelation, it’s the only image in circulation), it’s said to come with its own imaging sensor, with both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity allowing the images captured to be beamed to the smartphone, likely pairing with an app to make use of the touchscreen controls afforded by the handset’s display.

The lens would also come with its own built in memory, apparently allowing it to be used as a standalone unit.

Despite the wacky premise, SonyAlphaRumors state that the leak has come from one of their most trusted sources, and have given the news the highest rating that their five-point rumour scale allows for, showing that they believe in its validity.

It’s an interesting angle from which to approach the renewed interest in cameraphone technology – it’s certainly unique, even when stood next to the smartphone/camera hybrids that include the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020. If Sony’s kit’s compatibility extends beyond its own Xperia range, it could be a very intriguing device indeed, though we’re still unsure how it would comfortable connect to a range of phones.

Gerald Lynch
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