Bigger screens for iPad and iPhone coming, says WSJ

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ipad-4-gen.jpgThe Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to fuel the fires surrounding rumours that Apple are looking into putting larger displays in their next-generation iPhone and iPad devices.

According to the newspaper’s sources in Asia, the WSJ is claiming that Apple has a 12.9-inch iPad tablet in development, alongside a range of iPhone prototypes in a number of sizes. The latest rumour follows on from a similar report from Brightwire News, who stated that Apple had been forced to delay the release of the iPhone 5S in order to perfect work on a new 4.3-inch screen for the smartphone line. Reuters went one further, suggesting 4.7 and 5.7-inch iPhone models were in development.

Any of the above iPhone sizes would be a significant jump for the iPhone line, which currently has a 4-inch display. Though Steve Jobs had been dead-set on the mobile screen sweet-spot being 3.5-inches, he apparently acquiesced to the iPhone 5’s jump to 4-inches. And with mobile screen sizes from rivals growing on average to be at least half an inch bigger than Apple’s standard, for once Apple may be chasing, rather than setting the trend.

As for a larger iPad, it would have its benefits in terms of watching movies and playing games, but would sacrifice a fair bit of portability. Also, where a 5.7-inch iPhone would fit in alongside the not-much-bigger iPad mini would remain to be seen.

Gerald Lynch
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