Cambridge Audio Minx Go Bluetooth speaker boasts 18 hour battery life for all day on-the-go tune blasting

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Minx Go black.jpgUK speaker specialists Cambridge Audio have just lifted the covers off their latest tune box, the Minx Go.

The portable sibling to the Minx Air 100 we reviewed earlier this week, it’s main selling point is its whopping battery life, offering 18-hours of on-the-go tunes streamed wirelessly over Bluetooth from a single charge. A full charge only takes two hours to complete too, while juice-strapped MP3 players and smartphones can piggyback off the Minx Go’s power reserves over USB.

Remembering up to eight previously-paired devices at a time, the Minx Go is just 9.3-inches wide and 4.8-inches tall, and houses a 5 speaker array that includes 2 titanium tweeters and twin 2-inch woofers for what CA promise is a punchy, loud sound.

Check out the Minx Go (alongside a hearty-looking steak) in the video below:

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