Mac Pro 2013 refresh to do "something really different" says Apple product manager

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mac-pro-2012.jpgA loose-lipped Apple product manager has said to expect “something really different” from a rumoured forthcoming Mac Pro refresh for 2013.

Speaking to David Baird of the forums, Apple’s Douglas Brooks hinted that Apple was currently preparing a significant overhaul for the cold-shouldered Mac Pro desktop tower line.

Whether that means a significant industrial design change or simply a thorough reworking of the internal components remains to be seen, but the Mac Pro is certainly well overdue some attention from Apple, who have focussed solely on laptop and mobile devices when it comes to hardware over recent times.

Interestingly, when quizzed by Baird about expandability options for memory and graphics, Brooks replied:

“You are going to be really glad that you waited [to buy a new tower]. We are doing something really different here and I think you’re going to be very excited when you see what we’ve been up to. I can’t wait to show this off”.

With the conversation between the pair taking place a few months back, there’s the potential for Apple to be lining up the Mac Pro refresh for WWDC next week. If true, it’d potentially sit alongside new MacBook Air models, making it a significant event for fans of Apple’s computers.

Gerald Lynch
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